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Fleet Accounts

Shell Oil Co. is now offering its Fleet Plus Fuel Program. This program applies to all

gasoline and diesel purchases. Briefly, the program offers:

1.Up to 3% rebate on all fuel purchased at any Shell station.

2.Over 14,000 participating Shell locations

3.In-store station cards are available

4.Comprehensive reporting:

1. Vehicle Reporting

2. Driver Reporting

3. Product Purchase Summary Reports

4. Station Summary Reports

5. Expense summary report by business unit (optional)

6. Expense summary report by Month/Year

5.Various Purchase Restrictions

(Fuel only; Fuel and Oil only; Fuel, Oil and Vehicle Related only;No Restrictions)

6. Driver ID or Vehicle Number PIN Prompting

7. Odometer Prompting (Optional)

8. Online Account Management

There are absolutely no hidden charges or fees with this program: No transaction fees. No account fee.

RS Fuels welcomes the opportunity to discuss the features and benefits of Shell’s Fleet Plus Fuel Program with you. We are confident you will find it to be the best fleet program available on the market today.


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