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Our Services

Our Services Include:

Bulk Fuel Deliveries of gasoline and diesel in full transport, regional and local coverage with automatic Deliveries seven days a week . We guarantee prompt and efficient service.

“Keep Fill” Inventory Management System, will maintain and manage your fuel usage and purchasing. Never worry about running out of fuel again. We closely monitor the inventory in your tank and shop for the fuel at the best time.

Market Conditions
Always feel free to contact any one of our dedicated professionals who are kept up to speed with the market conditions in order to learn more about the future market expectations. Providing information regarding the market conditions is a huge part of making sure that we are providing our customers with the best in customer satisfaction.

Opportunity For Change -

Over our 20 years in the industry, our company has developed many long-term relationships with its independent dealers and has enjoyed the experience of working with, and learning from, the diverse group of individual marketers.  A great amount of the RS Fuels success can be attributed to its extensive network of entrepreneurial, independent dealers, who have played a vital role in developing, growing, and promoting, the Shell Brand in their areas.  It is RS Fuel’s goal to continue to grow the Shell Brand through both company and dealer operated locations, and to be the preferred branded supplier to current and prospective dealers.

Representing SHELL, RS-Fuels offers branding opportunities for both existing as well as for new stations. We can assist you if you are interested in becoming a Shell retail outlet. Our Company’s name is symbolic with quality and service and we operate to the highest standards. We can re brand your station to a Shell Gas station.

For more branding information, 
e-mail us at: branding@rs-fuels.com

RS Fuels - 4652 W. Lawrence Avenue Chicago, IL 60630 - Tel: (773) 205-9833